Woman Catches Dog Escaping

April Livingston | September 14th, 2022

A woman named Albertina Fogaca was absolutely stumped and completely confused by a precarious situation. She has a sweet little dog named Pingo who is known to be very playful and quite energetic. But somehow the little dog would be out in the family’s front yard and would somehow figure out to escape in their home country of Brazil. She would escape and go out on adventures around the area, but they had no idea how she was getting out. There was no hole in the gate or obvious means of escape, but somehow when the gate was closed she was finding a way to get out. It kept happening each day when they let Pingo out, but yet they were not able to figure out how she was escaping. Albertina decided to solve the mystery once and for all by setting up a camera to record the escape.

So, she let Pingo outside and set up the camera and waited and watched. She could not believe her eyes as she watched from the second floor of the family’s home. Little Pingo was expertly scaling up the front of the gate and then he wiggled his way through a small hole in the gate. She was amazed; at first it looked like the dog was going to get stuck, but he kept wiggling and eventually made his way through. Then, he hopped down onto the street and headed out on and adventure to explore the area. They had finally solved the mystery of Pingo’s escape from the yard once and for all. The family was actually more impressed than upset about his adventures—and how he managed to get out.

They say that Pingo always returns back home after he has gone on an adventure, but he needs them to let him back in once he returns. It seems the gate is easier to escape from the inside than it is to get back inside from the outside. They say the worst part is having to deal with him once he returns. You see, Pingo loves to roll around in “icky stuff” according to Albertina and that means Pingo always needs a bath when he returns.

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O cachorro da minha sogra tem super poderes ?? ???

Posted by Kátia Pêggo on Friday, February 15, 2019

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