UPS Driver Adopts Dog After Owner Dies

We have probably all heard amazing heart warming stories of men, women, and families who adopt dogs in need of a good home. For a dog named Leo, the love of one United Postal Service (UPS) driver saved his life when he found himself in a difficult situation. Katie Newhouser, who lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California, crossed paths with the pit bull recently and it changed both of their lives forever.

Katie Newhouser//Facebook

Leo and Katie’s story went viral recently, thanks to the sadness and eventual joy from the tale. Leo the dog would always bark at Katie when she drove her UPS truck into the condo complex where he lived. When she stopped the truck, Leo the dog would hop inside to say hello to her. He and Katie formed a strong bond over time and became great friends, both excited to see the other each day.

Katie Newhouser//Facebook

Leo the dog was originally adopted by a woman named Tina as a young puppy. Leo was so young at the time that he was not old enough to eat solid food and had to be bottle fed. He formed a strong bond with his owner and was very lost after she had passed away. When Katie learned of Leo’s situation, she offered to foster the dog. This was quite short lived however, because Katie ended up adopting Leo and he joined her three other dogs at home.

Katie reports that Leo fits right in with her other dogs, enjoying the good life of snuggles and boiled dog food in with his regular kibble. While it seems that he does still miss his old owner, he certainly loves to snuggle with his new dog siblings and with his new mom every single chance he gets.

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