Three Tips to Keep Dogs Safe for the Holidays

Much like us humans, dogs are creatures of habit. They love to have a consistent routine where they know what to expect out of each day. So when the holidays roll around and guests arrive in your home or you hop in the car to head out and see family, it can throw your dogs for a loop. The best way to prepare for the holiday season is to take some precautions to ensure your pets stay safe during this time of year. Here are four ways you can keep them safe, happy, and of course healthy, during the season.

  1. Find a Safe, Quiet Place for Them: The holidays can make your normally quiet home a chaotic and loud environment for your dog. While many dogs love people and might appreciate all the extra attention that comes with visitors and house guests, they might also like to get away when they need to. Find an out of the way place (like a laundry room, spare bedroom, or even basement) and give your pet a private and quiet place where they can lay down and relax away from the chaos.
  2. Don’t Feed Them Table Scraps: While it might be tempting to feed your dog the same meal you and your guests are enjoying, resist the temptation. Your dog might act like he or she wants a piece of pie or a slice of ham, but those human foods can make their stomachs upset. Keeping them on their normal diet is the best way to ensure they have a happy and healthy holiday season.
  3. Keep them Away From Wrapping Paper: Sure, it’s funny to watch a dog run through a sea of wrapping paper on the floor, but it could be dangerous. If your dog accidently ingests wrapping paper or even ribbon, they could get very sick. So, try to keep all the scraps of paper and ribbon off of the floor so they are not tempted to eat them.

The best way to enjoy the season is with family and your dog- try filling their stocking with treats and toys this year so they can make the most of it along with you!

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