Student and His Service Dog Graduate from High School

Graduation season is upon us. It’s a memorable and significant time of year for all high school seniors looking to move into the next phase of their lives. For a special duo in Rose Bud, Arkansas, graduation from high school has become a significant milestone they shared together.

Rose Bud High School senior Tyler McCready recently donned a cap and gown to graduate from his high school, but he had a furry friend by his side when he accepted his diploma. You see, his service dog Sinatra was right there with him, also wearing a cap and gown and celebrating his own accomplishments. Sinatra is not only a companion: he is a diabetic alert dog who is always by Tyler’s side.  Tyler and his family owe the pooch so much, as he helped the high school senior achieve his dreams, despite some serious medical issues that could have derailed his plans along the way.

In order to truly understand the significance of this milestone, we have to go back in time to January of 2012. It was during this time that Tyler was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This diagnosis completely changed and shifted life as he and his family knew it, as they worked to adjust to a new normal.

Tyler visited the hospital after some telltale symptoms like an unquenchable thirst and drinking extra water. He was fortunate to get the right diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and work to change his eating and lifestyle habits to help manage the disease. It was then that the family realized a service dog was just what Tyler needed. So, they started a Go Fund Me account in order to raise money for a dog. Just a few weeks later, the funds were raised and Sinatra, a Type 1 Diabetic Alert Dog came home with Tyler and his family. The dog is by his side constantly, including school.

So when it came time for graduation, Sinatra was there too. He got his own dog-sized cap and gown and walked across the stage with Tyler to mark the major milestone for them both for quite the memorable experience.


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