Stray Dogs Get a Safe Place to Sleep at Bus Station

The harsh temperatures and elements associated with the winter season can be cruel to each of us. This season of the year is quite tough, particularly when attempting to brave the outdoors. In particular, those without a home are especially vulnerable to the elements during the chilly, cold winter months. There are also many stray dogs that must struggle with these harsh temperatures and really just need a safe place to get some rest under a shelter or other safe place.

In the country of Brazil, a local bus station took up a special mission for a group of stray dogs in the area. Employees of this bus station, known as the Barreirinha Bus Terminal, had a creative plan to protect the neighborhood’s dogs from the winter elements. The bus terminals set up a special place for stray dogs so they can be under shelter and stay warm. Employees pulled their resources to provide water, dog food and blankets for the dogs.

However, this special group of employees did not stop there. They realized they needed to take things a step further than simply providing blankets, food, and water for these stray dogs. Bus terminal employees wanted to provide beds for the dogs, but they did not have the funds to purchase traditional dog beds. So, the group decided to get very creative. So much so that they found free beds that really fit the bill for this sweet group of dogs: they turned old rubber tires into dog beds.

The tires were carefully placed under a shelter at the bus station and covered in clean blankets. The dogs immediately gravitated to the tire beds, curling up and keeping themselves warm. Finally, after all this time spent outdoors, the dogs had a safe and warm place to sleep and caring humans looking out for their best interest, too!


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