Sick Dalmatian is Scared of Everything

April Livingston | October 25th, 2018

As a puppy, a Dalmatian named Beau was sold online to a family. She lived with them for a short period of time before she became extremely ill. She was so sick, in fact, that the family quickly realized they could not afford to pay her medical bills. So, Beau was surrendered by the family to the RSPCA in the UK. Once she arrived, it was discovered that she had parvovirus, a very deadly disease that is common in dogs purchased in pet stores, online, or from what are known as “backyard breeders.”

Buying a dog online means you may not know about their history or health, and so it’s easy for a puppy to become sick without the proper vaccinations. Parvovirus is highly contagious and without proper treatment, it is deadly. The RSPCA jumped in to help Beau right away, as they needed to keep him isolated from other dogs as to not transmit the virus. Beau spent a month in isolation, which meant the parvovirus was not spread, but it also prevented her from learning the skills she needed as a puppy.

Beau was placed up for adoption after she got well but was quickly returned because she was so scared of everything. She was terrified of doors, steps, the car, and even going outside. Everything was scary to Beau, and the staff at the shelter was determined to help her. They created a “fake house” in the shelter to get her used to the sounds and sights of a home. Eventually, Beau came around and was placed for adoption and was taken in by a woman named Trudy Kemp. She still has her moment of nervousness in her new home, but she’s slowly getting used to everything. She even has a doggy sibling that’s teaching her how to be a dog and day by day she’s becoming a new dog!

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