Puppy With a Moustache


This is an adorable little puppy that we’ve titled, “The puppy with a moustache.” You know those people who you can just look at and know that they have a character? Well, that’s how this puppy looks. With sad eyes, floppy ears, and a permanent pout, it’s impossible that you feel anything but love when you look at the above photo, which was taken from the following website: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/cutest-puppies-of-214?utm_term=.hsBrWLNx4#.kiL54QEJy

He’s so cute, in fact, that he could tear up any household until there was absolutely no furniture or belongings, and probably not even get into trouble. All he would have to do is look at his owner with those eyes, and all hope is gone of having the strength to punish or yell at him.

One of the main comments on Buzzfeed’s post was, “I want a puppy!” and that’s a pretty accurate representation of how we feel with this picture. He has the same moustache as most grandfathers, so if you come across a puppy that looks like this, you should definitely get the cute creature for a relative.

Overall, puppies are the highlight of everyone’s life. Even when your day feels like you’ve walked through the seven pits of Hell, having a best friend to come home to will lighten any moment. And if you don’t currently have a puppy to greet you, then opening up your computer and finding pictures like these are the next best thing, right?

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