Puppy in a Cardboard Box on the Road Discovered by Police Officer

It was a story that perhaps you have heard before. Some unknown person abandons a dog somewhere and it is discovered by a passerby before it is too late for the dog to be saved. Chances are you have not heard this version of the story, though.

It was a very hot day in the Atlanta, Georgia area; 87 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. And it was on this day that fate intervened for one special little puppy. Deputy Earl Hanners was on patrol that day, working the scene of a car accident. It was in that moment that he heard a unique call come through on his dispatch radio. Someone had discovered a puppy, just ten weeks old, inside a cardboard box on the side of the road.

Earl Hanners//Facebook

An individual had seen the box moving and stopped their car to investigate. It was then that they realized a small puppy was inside and they called 911. The passerby turned the box on its side and got some water for the dehydrated puppy. Another officer responded to the scene and placed a call to animal control. But Deputy Hanners, a dog lover, had the call cancelled and rescued the dog himself. The puppy, who he named Bridget, was checked over by a vet and was malnourished and dehydrated. Hanners said she ate three or four bowls of food and water while recovering on his porch.

Earl Hanners//Facebook

Rather than finding a new home for Bridget the puppy, Deputy Hanners decided to adopt her himself after she had recovered. As it turns out, Bridget is not the first puppy that Hanners has rescued and brought into his home. He has eight rescue pugs and also fosters dogs for a local rescue. Bridget is reported to fit right in with his pack of dogs and is enjoying her new life!

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