Puppy Found with Mouth Taped Shut

April Livingston | February 16th, 2019

A man named Bob Hoelter usually drives to his local store when he needs to go shopping. But on one fateful day recently, he decided to walk the two miles instead so he could get some exercise. It turns out that was a decision that changed everything for him—and for a little puppy. On his walk, he crossed a bridge that goes over water and when he did, he heard a noise. It sounded like crying, whimpering even, and it was coming from under the bridge. He went down toward the water and began looking around for the source of the noise and didn’t see anything, but the cries got louder. They were coming from a culvert underneath the bridge, so he climbed down on his hands and knees to investigate. Bob got out his trusty flashlight and found, at the bottom of the culvert, a little brown puppy.

The puppy was so scared it was shivering and worst of all, its muzzle was taped shut with thick black electrical tape. Bob knew he needed to act quickly to save the puppy’s life, so he rushed down the road to the Griffith Animal Hospital with the puppy in his coat. The moment he arrived, the vet staff rushed into action. The puppy was very emaciated and they thought the tape had been around his snout for days. The staff worked carefully to remove the tape from the four month old puppy and gave him ointment for his skin and antibiotics. Then, he got a very comfy bed made of blankets and stuffed animals to rest. Bob continued on his way to the store knowing the puppy was safe.

Griffith Animal Hospital//Facebook

The puppy also had a broken leg, and it’s believed someone threw him off the bridge and missed the water, causing him to break the bone. The vet’s office shared the puppy’s story on social media, where it caught the attention of Mary and Doug Witting, who had recently lost their dog. They swore they wouldn’t get another dog, but they fell in love with the puppy and knew they needed to adopt him. Best of all, the social post made its way back to Bob, who was reunited with the puppy—who was so happy to see him again. The puppy had surgery to fix his leg and is doing so well now, thanks to Bob’s quick thinking and decision to get some exercise that day.

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