Neglected Husky Hides in Doghouse

October 13, 2018
Bella’s story begins in New Zealand. She was born in the care of a breeder and an environment full of neglect and filth. She was able to escape that t...

Three Saint Bernards Needed Home Together

October 12, 2018
It was quite the sight when all 300+ pounds of dog came strolling into an animal shelter located in Canada. The enormous dogs, named Gunther, Goliath,...

Dog Survives Hurricane on a Couch

October 9, 2018
A little Maltese named Soshe had quite the adventure recently. The dog is now safe and off the water, thanks to the rescue efforts of the Humane Socie...

Blind Dog Needs a Forever Home

October 7, 2018
Things were not going well for a dog named Stevie. Nicole Simone first saw him via a video clip that showed the dog running into walls and spinning in...

Woman Helps Sick Husky After Seeing Photo

October 6, 2018
Shari Baillargeon saw a photo of a very sick husky online and it made her cry. The poor dog was covered in sores and had raw skin and missing fur and...

Dog Helps Girl Deal with Loss

October 5, 2018
In November, 2016 the unthinkable happened. A woman named Emily Taphouse lost her husband suddenly when he was hit and killed by a hit and run driver....

Pot Farm Bust Saves a Little Life

October 4, 2018
Police officers in California made an enormous drug bust recently. They raided an illegal marijuana growing operation that led to the destruction of a...

Shelter Dog has Waited Years for Family

October 3, 2018
A dog named Cola arrived at the Yonkers Animal Shelter in New York in 2015. He was picked up from the street as a stray dog and sadly, he has lived at...

Sick Puppies Dumped on Road

October 2, 2018
An individual was going about their daily routine and driving down a road in London when they spotted something odd: a black metal crate. It wasn’t ju...

Dog Convinces Owner to Adopt Her “Twin”

October 1, 2018
Bethany Coleman really never intended to own two dogs. In fact, she and her boyfriend already had their hands full with their current animals. They ha...

Mom and Baby Dogs Stuck in Crowded Shelter

September 30, 2018
In South Texas, an animal shelter was incredibly overcrowded. It was a loud, chaotic environment for any animal, but it was particularly scary for a m...

Dog Abandoned in Park with Note

September 29, 2018
Eric Maus is a dog walker who lives in the Brooklyn area of New York. He was on his typical walk with two dogs named Lily and Gouda, taking a long hik...

Dog Asks Man for Help

September 28, 2018
Martin Hall Jr. is a tow truck driver in California. He was called out to a job in the area of Coulterville, California only for it to fall through. H...

Puppy Found on a Moving Train

September 27, 2018
Two men, Michael Ortega and Allen Au thought it was just another day as engineers for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. The pair of engineers...

Sad Dog has Best Reunion

September 26, 2018
Paquito was absolutely heartbroken. His best friend was gone and though he remembered him fondly, they would never be together again. You see, Paquito...

Dog Chooses Family in the Best Way

September 25, 2018
When a woman named Beatriz Baranski Kaniak and her husband moved into their new home in Chile, their four rescue dogs moved in too. They moved in Janu...

“Bad” Dog Proves Everyone Wrong

September 24, 2018
A dog named Duke already had a bad reputation when he was found as a stray in Charlotte, North Carolina. Not only was he wandering near a highway, but...