Naughty Pup Comes With Instructions

April Livingston | June 21st, 2019

As any dog owner knows, dogs do not come with instruction manuals. Just like people, every dog is different and their owners work to figure them out as they grow older and time goes on. But thankfully, a sweet puppy named Hank comes with instructions thanks to his owner. The adorable golden retriever puppy belongs to a woman named Abbey Swimm. Since the moment they met one another, Abbey and Hank have been inseparable. The dog and his owner love one another—Hank is in love with Abbey according to her sister Lindsey Swimm. But like most puppies, Hank is easily distracted and forgets about his unending love for Abbey when something catches his eye.

Hank is quite the adventurer and it is common for him to get excited by a rabbit, bird, or even and jogger or bicyclist going by his home. Anyone who visits the home is not aware of Hank’s ways and may not understand the vigilance required to watch him while watching him. So, Abbey decided to create a list of what she calls “Hank Rules” for visitors. Hank is a sweet dog, but he is known for being guilty of many of the rules laid out by his mom on the list. These rules could certainly apply to any puppy or rambunctious dog, but seeing it all in a list made his family laugh.

The “Hank Rules” are as follows:

If he is whining at the door, that means he needs to go to the bathroom NOW (most likely poop)

You MUST take him outside on a leash when he goes to the bathroom for the first time each morning. He has too much energy when he wakes up and will run away if tempted.

You MUST take him outside on a leash when he goes to the bathroom when it is dark out- he is likely to run across the street at night time.

He does not need to be on a leash in the middle of the day when going outside if you are outside with him-if you are playing ball with him he will NOT run away.

If you are unsure of whether you can trust him or not- DO NOT TRUST HIM- use leash to be safe.

He is an energetic PUPPY-remember this

Lindsey Swimm//Facebook
Lindsey Swimm//Facebook
Lindsey Swimm//Facebook
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