“Miracle Dog” Helps Owner Out of a Coma

As any dog owner or dog lover knows, the bond between a pooch and its owner is quite strong. So strong in fact, that it has the power to change things for dogs and for humans. One such very special occurrence is being hailed as a true miracle by those who know how much one man and his dog love one another. This story begins with a man named Andy Szaz and his dog Teddy.

You see, Teddy is a four year old poodle and miniature schnauzer mix. He was adopted by his owner Andy Szaz from an organization called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, also known as RSPCA. Andy adopted Teddy the dog only a few months before his doctors diagnosed the man with bowel cancer. He credits his survival thus far to the love and companionship he has experienced from Teddy. It is clear for all who know Andy that he and Teddy share a very special bond together.

Estelle Szasz//Facebook

Recently, Andy had to go into the hospital for medical treatment for his bowel cancer. In fact, he found himself in the intensive care unit (sometimes known as the ICU) because he had come down with a severe case of pneumonia. While Andy was in the hospital, doctors placed him into a medically induced coma so that he could receive treatment and heal his body.

Not long after, Andy’s wife Estelle brought Teddy the do along with her to the hospital for a visit with Andy. Even though Andy was in that medically induced coma, something truly remarkable happened when Teddy was by Andy’s side. Teddy barked hello to his owner Andy and he woke up from his coma immediately. Doctors thought he would be in a coma for at least three more days, but Teddy brought him out. After his “miracle work,” Teddy was given a special distinction confirming that he really is man’s best friend!

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