Man’s Dying Wish is to Find Home for Dog

April Livingston | February 27th, 2019

It’s safe to say that a man named John is a true dog lover. These days, he needs a wheelchair to get around but that did not prevent him from providing a loving home to a shelter dog. Two years ago, John visited the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in California and met 11 year old Pawpaw. The two seniors instantly bonded and John adopted Pawpaw. The two have had such a wonderful life together and Pawpaw is the thirteenth dog John has owned in his lifetime. John suffers from ALS, a neurodegenerative disease, but he loves his time with Pawpaw. John’s health has unfortunately begun to rapidly decline and he’s planning for the future. For John, that future means that sweet Pawpaw has a loving forever home lined up after he passes away.

John has lived much longer than doctors originally thought, and perhaps that’s because of the love and companionship of his beloved dog Pawpaw who has been by his side through so much.

While it’s bittersweet, the staff at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue are helping John find a home for Pawpaw. So many dogs become homeless or are taken to a shelter when their owner passes away, so it’s very heartwarming to know how much he cares for Pawpaw. He’s a thirteen year old dog, but he acts like a puppy, and loves to smile and meet humans and other dogs. He’s an easygoing dog that is friendly and loves to go for walks and play, but also loves naps and living indoors. Finding a home for Pawpaw will save his life, and also give John comfort knowing his faithful companion will be safe after he’s gone. To adopt Pawpaw or another senior dog with lots of love to give, you can visit the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue website for more information.

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