Kindness for Dog Caught on Camera

April Livingston | January 16th, 2019

These days, reading the news or perusing social media channels could make a person believe the world is a terrible place. We often read stories about dogs that are abused or abandoned and suffer the consequences of not being cared for properly by the humans entrusted to protect them from the world. But every now and again, a story comes along that changes all that. This is one of those stories. The woman in the story had no idea that anyone was watching her. But there was a camera that captured every moment of her simple kindness for a dog in need.

It all started on a cold, rainy day in the city of Zonguldak, Turkey. The woman in the video was leaving a café. When she walked out of the shop, she noticed something: it was a dog that was curled up and trying to stay warm. The dog was underneath an overhang, trying to protect itself from the cold and rain. She could’ve easily just walked by and went about her day, but she did not do that. Instead, she stopped and offered the dog some comfort. In the video, the woman glances at the dog, opens her umbrella and stops, watching the dog. Then, she puts down her umbrella and takes off her scarf.

Duygu Elma//Facebook

She folds the large scarf in half and places it on top of the dog to keep him warm. Then, she picks up her umbrella again and walks away. While it was just a small moment, it caught the attention of someone who saw it and it went viral online. News outlets from all over Turkey shared the video and said humanity wasn’t dead, after all. The story reached someone who was friends with the woman in the video and identified her: her name is Duygu Elma. She was shocked to learn that anyone knew about what she did that day. She said she saw the dog shivering and did what she could to give him some warmth and comfort. While no one knows what happened to the dog, Duygu hopes others out there are inspired to help him and other dogs.

Köpek üşümez diyen olursa ağır konuşurum!Zonguldak 'ta mağazadan çıkan bir bayan, üşüyen köpeğimizi görüyor. Ne yapsam diye düşünürken boynundan çıkardığı şalı üzerine örtüyor. Insanlar yavaş yavaş bile olsa artık bilinçleniyorlar. Umutluyuz

Posted by Boran Karahan on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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