French Bulldog is Quite a Star in a Maternity Photo Shoot

We’ve all seen it on social media before: a mother to be posing for a beautiful set of photographs to celebrate the upcoming birth of her child. Typically set in a soft and serene backdrop, it’s a perfect way to remember a pregnancy and the true miracle of birth. But what about a maternity photo shoot for a pregnant doggie momma to be? Turns out, it’s just as beautiful as a human maternity shoot.

When Holly the dog became pregnant, her owner Ashley West knew it would be the dog’s last litter of puppies and wanted to mark the occasion with something special. She brought in a professional photographer to take shots of Holly to celebrate her pregnancy. The dog donned a flower crown and pink dress in one shot and then switched into a pink tutu for another photograph that also featured flower petals on the ground.

Holly’s owner and photographer didn’t stop there, though. They created a chalkboard with Holly the dog’s due date, a list of her pregnancy cravings, and an invitation for people to guess how many puppies she was having. Holly’s pregnancy cravings were quite the list, including:

Steak Sandwiches
And of course, Anything the Kids Drop

After a successful shoot, there was nothing left to do but wait for Holly to deliver, right? Well, not exactly. On Superbowl Sunday, just six days before her due date, Holly went into labor and delivered five healthy and adorable puppies. Just ten days later, the photographer returned for a very fitting finish to the original photoshoot: she photographed Holly’s sweet pups just like she did their mother.

The five little puppies were tucked into a large box and donned custom made flower crowns for their photographs, a nod to their mother’s maternity shoot. Best of all, these five little ones have now been adopted into homes and are growing into happy, healthy dogs!


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