Why Do Dogs Like Watching TV?

April Livingston | October 1st, 2017

While it’s certainly true that you will not find your dog binge watching the latest show on Netflix anytime soon, there are dogs who watch TV. Many dogs bark when they hear a doorbell on the television while others might watch the screen intently. Dogs do not necessarily have the same taste in TV as we humans do, but as many people know they do often pay attention to the TV. Some experts even claim that leaving the television on while a dog owner leaves their pet at home can be beneficial. So, the question is: why do dogs like to watch TV?

When thinking about leaving the TV on for a dog while you are away you should keep a few things in mind, according to a veterinarian. It is important to be mindful of what is normal for the dog and also what the program might be as well. More than anything, consistently is key: a television program that you watch when you’re home can be the same program you leave on while a dog is home by themselves.

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Dogs like to watch TV because it offers them an experience. The sounds and visuals of a television program or show look and feel real to dogs thanks to advancements in technology over the years. It all comes down to biology: dog’s eyes register images faster than humans do, so they need a higher rate of frames per second (known as refresh rate) to see clearly.  Because screens have improved so much and resolution is so much better, dogs can now see the TV and it’s not blurry. This is why it might seem like they pay attention to the TV now more than ever before.

Now, as tech continues to evolve with LCD display and high definition, dogs think what is happening on the TV is very much real. So, a dog might see and hear another dog on the television and believe you suddenly have another dog in the home- and react accordingly.

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