Dogs and Humans Have Similar Immune Systems: Why It’s a Big Deal

When it comes to developments in science and technology, there always seems to be a study to support just about any idea. Whether it is a study that supports the idea of sleeping in the same room as your dog or even a study that helps us to understand more about how our dogs think, there is great value in learning more about the human and dog connection. Dogs are a huge part of our lives, and the more we learn about them and understand them, the better! One such scientific study recently showed that humans and dogs have a very similar immune system, which has the potential to make a huge impact on cancer research. This is a very new development, but one that scientists are working to learn more about in the hopes of improving the lives of both our doggy companions and the humans who love them so much.

The International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference was held recently in Frankfurt, Germany. It was at this conference that a woman named Ellen Pure, who is both a director and professor at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine, took the stage to share some major findings with the audience. The conference was focused on the latest research in immuno-oncology, or finding ways to make the human immune system fight against cancer in the body. She shared that researchers have found that dogs and humans have a very similar immune system and this can have a big impact on both treatment and research for cancer.


So, why should this matter? Because it’s a big key to understanding how cancer develops and what can be done to successfully treat it. Because dogs live in our homes, they typically develop the same cancers we do—like breast cancer or lymphoma, for example. The more we know, the better!

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