Dog Warns Family About Animal In Need

Perry Scrudato | August 13th, 2019

A dog named Max is a beloved member of his family, but now he can add “hero” to his list. In the very early morning hours of a recent Friday, Max and his family were fast asleep in their home. But outside, there was a sound that Max simply could not ignore. Just outside the family’s front door a little cat was in distress—and Max could hear it from inside the home. And he wasn’t going to stop until someone helped. A woman named Laylany is Max’s owner and she said he wouldn’t stop barking and scratching at the front door. The family knew something was wrong, but they weren’t sure what it was.

So, the family got up to check out the situation. When Laylany’s dad opened the front door to see why Max was pawing at it, he saw why he was so upset. There was a stray cat who had its head trapped in a food wrapper bag. The cat was stuck and she had come to the house for help—and Max was just the dog for the job. The cat was suffocating inside the bag and couldn’t see, but somehow found her way to their door. Laylany’s dad was able to get close to the cat and remove the bag from its head.

Laylany shared the entire experience on Twitter, along with the moment her dad removed the bag from the cat’s head. It was all caught on their security camera. She said, “Last night around 2am my dog would not stop barking, so we got up to see what he was barking at and it was because there was a poor cat being suffocated by a bag of chips someone left on the street. My dad ended up removing the bag.” Once he freed the cat, she ran off into the night, alive thanks to Max’s insistence that they help her!


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