Dog so Happy to Find Owner

April Livingston | July 16th, 2018

There is a woman named Lyn Crawford and she runs a Mississippi based volunteer group called the Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter. This purpose of this group is to adopt out pets who were found on the streets by local animal control. However, she received a very special request recently. Lyn received a phone call from a woman named Joyce who needed help. Joyce said her dog Daisy had escaped from her backyard and was currently missing. She had been missing for several months and Joyce did not know where to turn to get help.

So, Joyce sent a picture of her dog Daisy to Lyn in the hopes that she could help her find the dog. Joyce was so worried about her dog and did not know what had happened to her. So, Lyn began to reach out to her friends in the area to see if they could locate Daisy. At first, no one had seen her. Then, that all changed on a Monday morning. A volunteer at one of the local shelters saw a dog brought out that looked suspiciously like that photo of Joyce’s dog Daisy.

Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter//Facebook
Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter//Facebook

They thought it could be her, but they were not certain. The dogs looked similar based on the photo, but the dog in the photo was so scared that it was hard to tell. Lyn sent the photos to Joyce, who also was unsure whether it was her dog or not. Joyce had never seen her dog so scared before, so she was having trouble identifying her photo. So, Joyce decided to just head down to the shelter to see the dog in person to determine if it was her dog. The moment the dog came out, there was no doubt it was Daisy. She was literally leaping for joy the second she saw Joyce in the shelter waiting area. Finally, Joyce and Daisy were reunited after all that time apart, thanks to Lyn’s help!

Want to see our favorite kind of fireworks? They are called the “dog missing for over two weeks reunited with owner at the City of Jackson Animal Shelter fireworks celebration”. Take a look at the video and enjoy the sheer delight and love between family members reunited. Happy and safe Fourth of July to everyone!!

Posted by Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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