Dog Reunited With Family After Years On Street

April Livingston | June 22nd, 2019

An animal shelter in the Ukraine took in a very unique dog recently. The large dog had bright blue eyes and was quite large, but it was clear he had been on the streets for some time. That time had been rough on the big dog and he was emaciated and his coat was taken over by mange. Rescuers knew they needed to find him a loving home, but no one realized he already had a home and that his mom was missing him very much. The day he arrived at the shelter, they posted a photo of him online in the hopes of finding a loving home for him. He was obviously going to take time to heal from his ailments and they weren’t sure if anyone would be willing to take on the bills required to get him healthy again. But the sadness in the dog’s eyes captivated people all over the world and soon the post had been shared hundreds of times.

The shares on social media made all the difference in the dog’s life because two days later the shelter got a phone call. The woman was his owner and she said the dog had been stolen from her backyard in 2017. She had been looking for her beloved dog for years but she wasn’t completely certain he was her dog, so she wanted to visit the shelter to be sure. So, they arranged a meeting and it soon became obvious it was her dog—and the two were so happy to see one another.

The employees at the shelter were so happy to have reunited the stray dog with its owner, who had been without him for years. They called the reunion a miracle and said his owner shed tears of joy once they were reunited. The dog’s name is Lord best of all, he was back where he belongs again after all he had gone through. It was all thanks to the people on social media who shared his story and saved his life.

MKP “Schaslivі tvarini” //Facebook
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