Dog “Rescues” Owner From Pool

April Livingston | July 18th, 2019

A dog named Denali is a chocolate Lab who is known for her sweet personality and unending loyalty toward each member of her family. She is also knowns to be quite eager and always around to lend a helping paw, even if one is not exactly needed at the time. Despite it all, she is a very good girl—that much is certain. That was never more obvious than what happened on recent evening at her home. Meg, who is Denali’s sister, was in the backyard of her family’s home and she was going for a swim in their pool. Meg was having a great time, doing tricks off of the diving board in the backyard. Her sister was also there and she was recording those tricks on her phone.

When Meg began doing the tricks, Denali was inside the house. The dog absolutely loves to swim, but Meg did not want her in the way that evening. So, she had put the dog inside and closed the screen door to keep her out of the way. But it seems that Denali was not inside the house resting, she was watching Meg’s every move from behind the screen door inside. When Meg did a particularly elaborate trick off the diving board and made a big splash, Denali jumped into action. She decided to “save the day” and luckily it was all caught on video.

Denali burst through the screen door and dove headfirst into the pool to save her sister from what she seemed to think was danger. She jumped right in and even landed on Meg’s head and began swimming around. Meg certainly did not need to be saved but she was so appreciative of Denali’s protection and love that day, even if the family does need to replace the screen door now.

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