This Dog Picked His Own BFF and You’ll Never Guess Who It Is

Raven, a Tamaskan husky who needed a friend, was given the chance to pick out her own best friend. Raven’s mom had always dreamed of being able to raise a dog and cat that could grow up together, so off they went to the shelter in Lubbock, Texas, to find themselves a new buddy. You would think that Raven’s mom would be the one choosing Raven’s best friend, but it was decided that Raven would be the one picking her new housemate. After much schmoozing by various kittens, Raven ended up picking a lovable kitten, that now goes by Woodhouse.


Raven and Woodhouse are best buddies. They share a strong bond that many dogs and cats will never have. From cuddling to traveling, the two spend all their time together. When you first see them together, you might think the dog is much bigger than the cat, and that Woodhouse might get hurt in their rough-housing and playing. But once you see the love in Raven’s eyes, you realize that the two were meant to be.

Their mom says that they love to play tag and chase each other around the house for fun. And after a long day, the two will curl up together on the bed or couch and snuggle up for a nap. As they have gotten older (both of these cuties were adopted in 2015), they spend more time playing and less time snuggling. But that hasn’t but a dent in their relationship.

Raven and Woodhouse have taken over the internet with their sweet cuddles. You can now find them on Instagram if you want to find out more about their story or check out Raven and Woodhouse as they play every day at @raven_and_woodhouse.

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