Dog Only Eats Half of Her Food for the Saddest Reason

What do you think: Are dogs capable of grieving in the same way that humans grieve? A recent story has many people wondering just that; and plenty of experts are weighing in on this perplexing and really quite sad question. You see, a man by the name of Easton Dufur experienced something quite unique in his home recently that has raised this question and left many people wondering .

For well over ten years, two dogs named Stitch and Cookie shared a home. However, the pair shared so much more than just a place to live. Cookie and Stitch the dog also shared chew toys and a water bowl. The pair also shared dog food; the dogs ate their dog food from the same bowl. According to their owner, Stitch the dog taught her sister dog Cookie to only eat half of the food so that there was enough for both of them.

Easton Dufur//Twitter

Recently, something quite sad took place: Stitch the dog passed away. After this happened the family, who resides in Boise Idaho, began giving Cookie less food because there was only one dog at home. But this is where things will start to tug at your heart strings: Cookie only ate half of the food in her bowl. Even though her sister Stitch is not there to eat the rest, she was still saving the dog food for her.

Easton Dufur//Twitter

Experts say that dogs are capable of feeling grief and it may be demonstrated by the surviving dog changing their routine or even behavior after losing a longtime companion. Much like human grief, it will take time for a dog to understand that their companion will not be returning and therefore changing their own routine. The good news is that Cookie’s owner says her tail still wags and she loves to play, despite now having to live without her doggie sister.

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