Dog Gives Birth to Puppies, with a Big Surprise

The miracle of life is truly incredible for anyone who has the honor of witnessing it in person. In particular, it is a memorable experience to be a dog owner and witness the birth of puppies. For one family, their dog gave birth recently and something truly unique happened: one of the dogs was green.

Their family pet, a dog named Rio, is a three year old Golden Retriever. The dog recently gave birth to a large litter of nine little puppies. Each of the puppies was healthy and in great shape when they entered the world. However, one pup was different than its light golden colored siblings: the puppy was green. This little puppy, which the family has aptly named Forest, is truly unique. It is guessed that this special coloring only occurs in a very small handful of puppies around the world. This truly rare phenomenon has a very logical explanation, however.

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So, why was the puppy green when Rio the dog gave birth to it? This occurrence is tied to a bile pigment called biliverdin. This pigment is found in the placenta of dogs, which mixes with the mother dog’s amniotic fluid before the dog enters the outside world. It’s this mixture that creates a bright green substance that is able to stain the puppy’s light fur a green color. There are a handful of other cases of green puppies around the world, including one in the United States and two known cases in the country of Spain. This means that Forest the dog is unique indeed.

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Luckily for sweet little Forest the puppy, the green color of its fur is not permanent. This color will fade over time and return the coat of the golden retriever to its light, golden shade. But his name will always serve as a fun reminder of his uniquely green entry into the world!

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