Dog Found Suffering in the Florida Sun Has Amazing Transformation

A dog with a big heart and resilient spirit had the best day of his life recently, proving that we are not defined by the worst days of our lives. Rather, it is possible to move past a negative, tragic situation in order to find the joy, love, and happiness each of us deserves in our lives. Remo the mixed breed dog has proven this idea with his incredibly story of abuse and learning to trust humans again.

Remo recently earned his doggy education Ph.D., and the distinguished honor of “Top Dog” from TAILS (Teaching Animals and Inmates Life Skills) just four months after being rescued from horrific abuse and neglect. You see, Remo the dog did not have a life that started out so well. He was found by rescuers as a puppy. He was stuffed inside a small metal box and left “baking” in the hot Florida sun. He was covered in parasites, and had skin disease, malnutrition, and severe dehydration.

The Pit Sisters//Facebook

Despite his terrible and negative ordeal, he was still loving and trusting of humans. So much so, he wagged his tail and gave his rescuer a kiss before collapsing from his injuries. Rescuers tried to take Remo to a local shelter for care, but it was at capacity. So, they did some research and found a rescue group called the Pit Sisters. The group paid for Remo’s care while he stayed at an animal hospital for several months to recover.

The Pit Sisters//Facebook

And recover he did: Remo entered a canine training program at a correctional facility in Jacksonville, Florida where he is flourishing. Dogs live and work alongside inmates, teaching them obedience and basic training so that they can be adopted into a loving home. Program coordinators say Remo has gained over thirty pounds since he was rescued and has been a positive influence in the program, on inmates and his fellow dogs alike.

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