Dog Does Cutest Thing at Soccer Match

April Livingston | September 22nd, 2018

There are very strict rules when it comes to the game of soccer. One of those rules is that there is no hand contact permitted by players. This can result in a penalty or loss, so players know to avoid this during an active game. However, some rules were meant to be broken. At least that’s the perspective of one adorable soccer fan who decided he was in need of some hand contact in the form of some pets and pats on the head. It all started when a match between two soccer teams took place: the match was between Union De Santa Fe and Gimnasia in Argentina.

As the match was winding down, a soccer fan who happens to be a dog named Roberto decided it was time to make a move. Right in the middle of play, Roberto made his way out onto the field. He traipsed across the pitch casually and even stopped to roll around in the grass. That’s when he got just what he wanted: he was surrounded by soccer players showering him in love and affection. Roberto was eventually picked up by a player and carefully escorted off the field, but not before getting a round of applause from his adoring fans in the stands.

Facebook/Fox Sports Latinoamerica
Facebook/Fox Sports Latinoamerica

As it turns out, Roberto is the team dog for his favorite team: Union De Santa Fe. And best of all, his team was leading 1 to 0 when he pulled his little stunt and interrupted play. His team went on to win the match, and the opposing team joked that Roberto was trained to be part of his team. Roberto is a good dog, says a spokesperson for Union De Santa Fe. He is the team dog and each of the players care for him as if he were their own dog. What a good boy!

Un perro ingresó a la cancha de Unión

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Posted by Fox Sports Latinoamerica on Sunday, September 30, 2018

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