Dog Dances At Wedding

April Livingston | September 1st, 2019

For a dog named Eva, her family is everything to her. Best of all, the feeling is very mutual. She is such a beloved member of her family, that her parents, Seth and Nicole Funden, ensure their beloved four legged daughter goes everywhere with them. So, when the day came for Seth and Nicole to get married, they knew Eva needed to be there. Earlier in August of 2019, Seth and Nicole got married at a wedding ceremony in Washington state in the United States. It was not just a big day for them, it was a also a big day for their sweet Eva. She was there alongside her parents, the happy couple, but she did much more than just watch what was happening.

One of their wedding guests, a woman named Selena Mercedes, the fact that Nicole and Seth brought Eva to the wedding was no big surprise. The pair spends so much time with Eva and they take her everywhere with them. Everyone loved seeing Eva lay near the pair as they exchanged vows, but no one was expecting how sweet she would be at the wedding reception. Eva sat watching her parents while they had their first dance as a married couple. Then, all of a sudden, she decided to get up and join them in their dance. Those in attendance watching the couple loved the sweet moment—many saying it brought tears to their eyes.

The three of them are a family now, and it was a wonderful shared moment at the wedding. The couple say it was the perfect ending to a perfect day—and quite the unforgettable moment for everyone. They are ready to start their new life together, with their beloved Eva by their side. It was a great way to remember how much they love and cherish each other and their sweet Eva.

Selena Mercedes //Facebook
Selena Mercedes //Facebook


Newlyweds, dog share first dance

THIS IS ADORABLE! Typically, a newlywed's first dance is reserverd only for the bride and groom. But when Seth and Nicole Funden hit the dance floor they were joined by their fur baby, Eva. 👰🐶🤵 DETAILS: Selena Mercedes

Posted by FOX 29 on Friday, August 23, 2019

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