Deaf and Blind Dog Senses When Owner Comes Home

April Livingston | October 26th, 2018

A dog named Opal just sees the world a bit differently than other dogs. She is both blind and deaf, but that does not stop her from being a bright light to everyone she meets. Opal, who is eight months old, is a merle-coated dog. She was adopted by a woman named Christina Bray and her husband who found her at a rescue in the state of Idaho. This rescue works to find homes for special needs dogs and Opal came to them when she was born deaf and blind due to improper breeding. While being unable to see or hear in the world certainly presents challenges, Opal is clearly up for the task.

Her loving, sweet nature is very obvious to anyone who meets Opal. Her parents were able to catch that loving spirit on video recently, and it soon went viral. Though she cannot see or hear, Opal still senses something incredible: she knows when her dad comes home. She senses his arrival and soon gets very excited to greet him. Opal waits in the front yard and can either smell or feel his car pull into the driveway. She can be seen sniffing the air and then quickly becoming excited and wagging her tail and jumping up and down.


Her mom Christina says Opal knows the difference between her dad’s car and the neighbor’s car and only gets excited when she senses her dad’s vehicle. It’s an incredible feat for a dog who has lost two important senses, but her owners say that what she lacks in seeing and hearing she more than makes up for in sensing and smelling things. Bad breeding practices might have made her a special needs dog, but it certainly has not stopped her from being a loving, sweet member of the family to the people who love her the most.

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