Crowd Boos Umpire

April Livingston | May 24th, 2019

A dog named Finn is a very good boy, and also a highly trained canine. He has a very special job as a baseball bat retrieving dog for a local baseball team. Finn takes his job very seriously—he knows just what he needs to do each night at the game and he does it quite well. But, there was a situation at a recent game that through a bit of a wrench into the situation—someone stepped in and made it so he couldn’t do his job. And suffice to say: the crowd in the stands was not happy about it. It all started on a Tuesday night where Finn was in game mode, doing his job. He was at the minor league baseball game between the Las Vegas Aviators and the Sacramento River Cats. But a game official stepped in and changed everything.

Finn was running out onto the field to retrieve a bat from the field that had been discarded by a player. But right before he could get to the bat, the plate umpire reached down and picked it up. Then, he threw the bat out of reach of the sweet dog. Finn had been snubbed by the plate umpire and the fans saw it all happen—and they were not happy about it. The entire stadium erupted in loud booing when they saw the snub between the umpire and Finn, who was just trying to do his job. While there were fans from both teams in the stands, they could all agree on one thing: it was not okay to snub Finn the bat dog.

It seems they were all on team Finn when it came to the interaction between he and the umpire. It was all caught on camera, and Finn wasn’t phased by the interaction. He still powered through and got the bat from the ground because he’s a very good boy.
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