Celebrities Get Dog Tattoos to Honor Their Pets

April Livingston | March 15th, 2017

As dogs grow older, we try to find ways to remember them before they pass. Although not everyone feels like they need a permanent stamp to fill the void, these celebrities got tattoos to remember their pets in this life and the next. The list of celebrities ranges from singer Miley Cyrus to Orange Is The New Black’s Ruby Rose, as everyone is affected by a loss of a pet in their life.

  1. Jennifer Aniston

Aniston has “Norman” tattooed on the inside of her foot. Norman was her dog that passed away after 15 years of companionship. Aniston was rarely seen without her pup and it was taken as a very hard loss as he was brought on filming sites and TV shows. He passed away in late 2011. When Aniston was asked about her favorite word in an interview, she replied with “Norman.”

  1. Pink

The singer songwriter has many tattoos, but the ones we admire most are those honoring her pets. Pink has a portrait of her current dog Elvis tattooed on her arm and from her previous dog, Sir Corky Moore, she also has a tattoo dedicated to him that was inked after he passed in 2003.

  1. Ruby Rose

Movie star and TV phenom, Ruby Rose, has a tattoo of her dog on the back of her left hand. After getting the tattoo, Rose claimed on Twitter, “Nobody is perfect…except my dog.” I think all dog lovers can all relate to this. Rose continued to get a half sleeve and filled in behind her dog with a bunch of blue bubbles. Could the dog be named, Bubbles or does it really just like baths?

  1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and friends all went under the needle after her late dog, Floyd, passed. Her beloved dog was not only loved by Cyrus but by many others, hence the group inking. Cyrus has many tattoos, but has two specifically for her pets. One for Floyd and the other for her pufferfish who recently passed away.

  1. Kirstin Maldonado

Maldonado is an American singer who recently flew across the United States to get her tattoo of her dog. The tattoo looks like a wild wolf to most onlookers, but the dog is actually created from her own. Olaf, named after the snowman from Frozen, was tattooed on Maldonado’s arm at the United Ink Expo. His husky face (pun intended) was highlighted by his cyan blue eyes created by the tattoo artist.

Although tattooing might sound crazy to most people, more and more dog lovers, famous and regular people alike, are getting permanent when remembering the animals they have now or after they have gone.

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