What You Hear About Pit Bulls Will Be Completely Shattered After Watching This!

We all are told that pit bulls are dangerous animals. They are not to be trusted and are vicious. You often see them in movies in dog fighting situations where they don’t stop fighting until the other one is dead.

Well, we are here to tell you that it is all a complete lie. It isn’t the breed that is dangerous, it is all about how you raise your dog.

Watch what we mean in the short video below:

See How Many Treats Get Stolen From This Sleeping Dog By His Friend

As the old saying goes, “if you snooze, you lose.” This dog finds out the hard way when his owners placed a stack of treats in front of him as he took his daily nap.

His pal noticed that his friend wasn’t paying attention and took the chance to nab one of the treats. But he wasn’t finished with just one, watch how many he was able to sneak away in this hilarious video.

The ending is the best!

This Dog Has Nine Lives.. He Survived Being Euthanized And More!

This is Lazarus. He is known as the dog with 9 lives. A local animal shelter in Alabama attempted to euthanize him but somehow he lived. He was also hit by a car and has miraculously lived through that as well.

Now, Lazarus is living the life he deserves. He was adopted by a wonderful family and is one of the best dogs they have ever encountered.

Watch his amazing story below:

This Dog Has More Confidence Than Any Other Dog Alive

Modesty is not one of this dog’s strong suits. Meet Amelia, the Brittany Spaniel. Her owner asks her a straightforward question and she’s able to answer it without any hesitation.

This clip is short and sweet but one of the best/funniest videos we’ve seen in a while.

Watch Amelia’s hilarious response below:

This Pug Puppy Fixed A Woman’s Broken Heart.. And He Didn’t Even Do It On Purpose

This puppy, named Ernie, was able to fix the broken heart of a woman who had to put down her 10 year old beagle because of a heart tumor. She was devastated.

Her loving boyfriend decided that the only way to cheer her up was to find a suitable replacement and that’s where Ernie came into the picture.

Watch her surprised reaction to her new puppy below:

Here is Ernie attacking the camera once again if you enjoyed it as much as we did:

This Bulldog Has Never Seen An Ice Cube Before… Watch How He Reacts

This is Rugby. At the time the video was shot, he was only a few months old. He has never seen an ice cube before and is naturally apprehensive.

He tries several moves to see if the ice cube is dangerous and lets out a few barks to let it know that he means business.

Watch this adorable video below:

This Dog Will Not Enter The House Until His Owner Opens An Invisible Door… Hilarious!

This terrier has the funniest habit ever. He won’t enter the house unless his owner pretends to open an invisible door for him.

No matter how many times his owner calls for him, he won’t budge. Notice there is a treat in the middle of the floor. They try to persuade him to come in for it, but even that doesn’t work. We can’t explain this odd behavior but we do know that it’s hilarious.

Watch the adorable video below:

This Weird Dog Loves Sitting In Bowls Of Water.. And His Owner Has Proof

Dethan is a Landseer who loves relaxing in a nice big bowl of water. He has been doing it ever since he was a pup.

After he turned 13 weeks old, his owner decided to give him an upgrade to a bigger bowl. Watch as Dethan doesn’t skip a beat when becoming accustomed to his newer, bigger bowl.

See What Happens When A Magician Makes A Dog’s Treat Disappear!

Jose Ahonen is a magician and mentalist who decided to play a trick on some unsuspecting dogs. He wanted to see if dogs could understand the complexity of magic. Instead, he got the best reactions to magic we have ever seen.

Some dogs just stood there in shock, others ran away because they were afraid, while others became aggressive because they really wanted that treat.

Watch the entire hilarious video below:

This Bulldog Just Wanted An Indoor Pool… Watch What He Does To Get One!

Meet Gus, a bulldog who just received a brand new outdoor swimming pool that he could use to cool himself off on a hot summer day.

The only problem is, Gus doesn’t want an outdoor swimming pool. He wants an indoor one. Watch this hilarious video to see what he does to get his way: