Dog Holds Owner’s Hand to Cross Street

Everyone learns at a very young age that it is important to be safe when crossing the street. Cars can be dangerous, so it is important to look both ways before crossing or to even hold someone’s hand to be sure you are both safe. It seems that a very good dog in Kathmandu, Nepal knows that lesson all too well. The sweet little pup knew that lesson and clearly took it to heart. A woman named Natalie Compton who is a journalist from the United States was in Nepal because she was planning to hike up to Everest Base Camp. She was out on the street and saw this incredible sight.

Natalie had a few days in Kathmandu before she began her hiking expedition, so she worked out in a local gym to prepare for the trek. She went outside to take a rest break and take in the sights of the streets. When she saw a cute little dog standing next to its owner on a street corner, she decided to take a video of the sight. She had seen many dogs in her time in Kathmandu, many wearing sweaters and being well cared for by their owners. So, when she saw the dog with its owner she decided to document the experience. But she had no idea what was about to happen next.

Twitter/Natalie B. Compton
Twitter/Natalie B. Compton
Twitter/Natalie B. Compton
Twitter/Natalie B. Compton

All of a sudden, the owner reached his hand down to “ask” the dog for its paw. The pup jumped up on its hind legs, placed his paw in the owner’s hand and the pair walked safely across the road together. It was a very sweet exchange that is very common in the country, where dogs are highly revered. Each year, Nepal has a festival called Kukur Tihar, dedicated to thanking dogs for their friendship. Dogs are given floral garlands and crowns and celebrated the entire day.

Dogs That Don’t Want to Take a Bath

You know when your dog hasn’t been bathed in weeks (or months and years) and you put it off because you don’t want to put up with a squealing creature? Yeah, we’ve all had those moments. And it seems that no matter how often you bathe your dog to get the poor thing used to the idea, he or she will kick walls all around the house and run away from you at every chance. Of course, small dogs are a lot easier because you can just pick them up and hold them down while you bathe them. Big dogs, on the other hand, can be a real pain because they can be heavy enough that they’re nearly impossible to lift.

You can see a husky who really, really does not want to take a bath. When the owner says, “Come here!”, the dog does walk up to the bathtub, but she runs away just as quickly when she realizes what her owner has in store.

The video also features a dog who desperately pushes against the door frame of the bathroom to prevent having to take a bath. When the owner adjusts to get a better grip, the dog escapes and runs away desperately.

If you love watching funny videos of dogs, then you’ll love this YouTube compilation. So, check it out to get a good laugh!

These Guilty Dogs Were Filmed And Their Responses Were Hilarious

If you’re one of the many people who adores cute videos of dogs up to no good then you’re in the right place.

We’ve all been there – we leave the house for a few hours because we have to go to work or attend some family gathering and when we get back, the house is complete chaos. The line, “it looks like a tornado went through here” was most likely framed for dog owners and while you want to scold them for making your home such a forsaken mess, the look on your dog’s face can be downright adorable.

That’s why you’ll love the below compilation. It’s completely relatable because it shows what happens when a dog is up to no good. Not only this, but it shows the look on each dog’s face when he or she is caught.

The video begins with a woman who asks her dog if he’s the one who ate a piece of chewed up paper. When the dog has no reaction, she turns to the second one, who is clearly the culprit. The dog faces the wall and does not move while she asks, “Did you eat it?” with a look guiltier than a child who steals five dollars from his or her grandmother’s purse.

At 2:51 features another one of the dogs in the video, who remains frozen for more than thirty seconds while the owner says, “Who did this?”. The only sign we have that the dog is even alive is when he blinks every now and then.

Even when they’re bad, we love our dogs to death. And while coming home to a messy home or entering a bathroom that has a garbage bin torn apart can make any person angry – that quickly subsides when we see how badly the dog feels.

This Man Surprises His Wife By Waking Her Up With A French Bulldog Puppy.. Pure Happiness

Men, take notes. This man knows what he is doing.

He knew his wife loved French Bulldogs and surprised her with one that she previously wanted to adopt from a rescue shelter. She was told that someone else had already adopted the dog.

Little did she know, her husband was the one who adopted it.

Watch as he places the new puppy on the bed and lets its cuteness do the rest:

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that about 6 to 8 million dogs and cats are cared for by animal shelters across the country. About half of them are euthanized. That’s 3 to 4 million living and breathing animals. Although a great deal of progress has been made to reduce the number of eutanized animals each year, help is still needed.

Please visit your local animal shelter for ways that you can help and encourage your friends and family to adopt rescues instead.

This Dog Had One Job. Finish The Race As Fast As He Can… Watch What Happens Instead!

The purpose of the race is to see just how well your dog is trained to listen to your commands.

The race is set up as a straight line between the owner and dog. But the twist is, there are numerous items placed on the sides of the path meant to distract the dog from his/her objective.

The first dog has a slight hiccup but recovers very quickly while the second competitor completed the race flawlessly. Then, there was this Golden Retriever. Watch what happens in the video below:

Watch This Cute Little Bulldog Struggle To Get Back Up.. Cutest Video Ever!

This little bulldog was playing around with her father when she fell over and wasn’t able to get back up.

Instead of helping her up, her dad decided that it’d be best if she learned how to get up herself.

It took her a while but she finally figured out how to do it.

Watch the insanely cute video below:

What You Hear About Pit Bulls Will Be Completely Shattered After Watching This!

We all are told that pit bulls are dangerous animals. They are not to be trusted and are vicious. You often see them in movies in dog fighting situations where they don’t stop fighting until the other one is dead.

Well, we are here to tell you that it is all a complete lie. It isn’t the breed that is dangerous, it is all about how you raise your dog.

Watch what we mean in the short video below:

See How Many Treats Get Stolen From This Sleeping Dog By His Friend

As the old saying goes, “if you snooze, you lose.” This dog finds out the hard way when his owners placed a stack of treats in front of him as he took his daily nap.

His pal noticed that his friend wasn’t paying attention and took the chance to nab one of the treats. But he wasn’t finished with just one, watch how many he was able to sneak away in this hilarious video.

The ending is the best!

This Dog Has Nine Lives.. He Survived Being Euthanized And More!

This is Lazarus. He is known as the dog with 9 lives. A local animal shelter in Alabama attempted to euthanize him but somehow he lived. He was also hit by a car and has miraculously lived through that as well.

Now, Lazarus is living the life he deserves. He was adopted by a wonderful family and is one of the best dogs they have ever encountered.

Watch his amazing story below:

This Dog Has More Confidence Than Any Other Dog Alive

Modesty is not one of this dog’s strong suits. Meet Amelia, the Brittany Spaniel. Her owner asks her a straightforward question and she’s able to answer it without any hesitation.

This clip is short and sweet but one of the best/funniest videos we’ve seen in a while.

Watch Amelia’s hilarious response below: