A Dog and his Window


You know those days when you just want to sleep, eat, and watch Netflix because you’re so done with life? Well, that’s exactly what this dog feels. With his nose scrunched up to the glass and his tongue hanging all the way out, he’s either trying to get someone’s attention or he’s thinking, “Screw it. Here’s a glass to lick.”

This picture was taken at exactly the right moment, because it’s not often that we get pictures of our dogs being up to no good. He should almost be a part of Little Red Riding Hood’s story because we could tell him, “What big eyes you have. What big ears you have! What a bog mouth you have!” After all, have you seen the length of his tongue? It’s nearly a third of the length of this picture!

While he’s cute in all actuality, this picture is not the most flattering. He looks like a miniature polar bear who’s reaching for a seal, only this dog’s seal is a window and he’s going “Nom, nom, nom.”

Overall, this dog is one of our favourites because he really just doesn’t look like he cares about anything. There are probably better things in his home to lick or eat than this window, but he’s perfectly content with his window.

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