900 Dogs and Families Welcomed to Hotel

When Hurricane Irma began swirling in the ocean and threatening to hit the state of Florida, many people evacuated the area. In leaving their homes behind, these families packed up their most precious possessions and headed for safer areas of Florida. During this evacuation process, however, many of these families had pets and they did not want to leave these beloved family members behind. For so many families, pets were not welcomed into local hotels for save haven—but one Orlando hotel welcomed dogs of all sizes into their facility with open arms.

While it would be true to call the Hyatt Regency Orlando a pet friendly hotel, the storm and influx of dogs from the storm took that to an entirely new level. The hotel welcomed over 900 dogs and a variety of other pets into their hotel in order to provide a safe haven and shelter during the hurricane. Likewise, the hotel has a variety of policies in place to accommodate guests with pets, but they amended many of them to make life a little easier for all the families who were stranded during the potentially devastating hurricane preparing to hit the state of Florida.


The Hyatt Regency Orlando ultimately welcomed over 900 dogs and 4,500 human guest during Hurricane Irma. The property is pet friendly, thought the hotel typically issues a $150 cleaning charge for those guests who bring their pets along. However, with the hurricane the hotel dropped the fee to $50. They also have dog walking stations located outside the hotel, which were exposed to rain and high winds due to the storm, so they moved them closer to the hotel lobby to make things easier on guests—and their four legged companions, too. Though it was a stressful time for many people, having a safe place to land for these families and their dogs was a great comfort during a difficult time.

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