70 Dogs Have a Home Thanks to a Woman in Peru

All over the world, many dogs are unfortunately suffering from abuse and neglect. This is not just a problem that is restricted to the United States of America; many countries all over the globe have a widespread problem with stray dogs roaming the streets. These dogs are very vulnerable to abuse and neglect and many suffer with injuries that go untreated for months or even years. But there is hope for these dogs that have gone through a similar experience in the country of Peru.

A woman named Sara Moran lives in Lima, Peru. This area of the world is known for extreme poverty and also for the large number of dogs that wander the streets of the city. She resides in this very poor area of the world in a home that has become a saving grace for so many of these dogs. She has become like a savior for dogs that she finds wandering the streets with a variety of ailments and health issues. After seeing so many dogs suffering through so much untold neglect and abuse, Sara Moran has turned her residence into a makeshift shelter for these dogs. It all began back in 2007, when she saw a dog get run over by a car in the streets. From there, she has adopted and found a home for countless dogs.

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There are a large number of dogs that wander the streets in the streets of Lima, which is the capital city of Peru. Though she is not necessarily a wealthy woman, she does everything she can to keep the group of 70 dogs living in her home both healthy and happy. She relies on donations from friends and neighbors to purchase dog food and ensure each dog has the health care from a veterinarian they need.

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