Dog with Head Tilt Gets Help

December 6, 2018
Two women who live in Tijuana, Mexico run a temporary spay and neuter clinic in the area. The pair, named Elaine Seamans and Rebeca Altamirano, worked...

Dog in Wheelchair Returned Repeatedly

December 5, 2018
A dog named Bandit first found himself in the shelter when he was picked up as a stray in Georgia. While has the Gwinnet County Animal Shelter, he was...

Obese Dog Too Big for Kennel

December 4, 2018
When an individual who owned six dogs fell ill, they were no longer able to care for their dogs. So, they asked the Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home i...

Dog Abandoned with Toys and Bed

December 3, 2018
When a dog named Wall-E found himself in the Maricopa County Animal Shelter, he was a young dog. He was adopted from the shelter in 2015 and the Labra...

Sick Stray Dog Loves Toys

December 2, 2018
Bella the dog can’t talk, but if she could she’d have quite the tale to tell. Her life clearly hasn’t been easy, based on her condition. The German sh...

Senior Dog with Short Legs Needs Home

December 1, 2018
Duke isn’t like every other dog out there. He has deep, soulful eyes. He also has incredibly short legs. Though he is sweet and really quite cute, he’...

Shelter Dog Saved by UPS Truck

November 30, 2018
A dog named Ernie has a very big heart. He was living in the shelter and like so many other dogs out there, he was dreaming of finding a forever home...

8 Years Later, Dog Returned to Shelter

November 29, 2018
Daisy’s story is one that makes you scratch your head when you hear it. The sweet dog came to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in the United Kingdom...

Unwanted Dog Abandoned at “Farm”

November 28, 2018
A little Maltese mix named Camo was absolutely terrified when he went home with a woman named Sally Markley and her husband. He was scared, skittish,...

Dog Rescued from Trash Can

November 26, 2018
A typical day of work for an employee of the Georgia Welcome Center became anything but that when she walked by a trash can. Next to the can was a gar...

“Unwanted” Dog Saved from Shelter

November 25, 2018
There is no question that a little dog named Martha is very special. She is pretty unique, too. The little Chihuahua-Maltese mix Is missing most of th...

Rescue Dog Loves to “Hold Hands”

November 23, 2018
Much like humans, every dog is different. They all have their personalities, and some love to have their space. Still others want to be as close to th...

Dog Pretends to be a Stray

November 22, 2018
As any good human knows, dogs are very intelligent creatures. They do so much to sense the world around us and often use that sense to help their huma...

Dog Found Protecting House After Fire

November 20, 2018
The Camp Fire in Paradise, California has left death and destruction in its wake. Many people have lost their lives, their homes, and every one of the...

Shelter Dogs Go “Home” for Thanksgiving

November 19, 2018
Thanksgiving is a holiday to spend with the people you love, enjoying a good meal. When it comes to this holiday, no one deserves to spend it alone, e...

Beagle Saved from Terrible Death

November 18, 2018
When a woman in Ohio was attending an event, she overheard a terrible conversation. A man was talking about one of his dogs, a beagle. The dog, he exp...

Dog Rescued from Backyard Breeder

November 17, 2018
For a dog named Alsana, a life of giving birth to litter after litter of puppies was all she knew. She was owned by a “backyard breeder” in Massachuse...

Woman Rescues Dog from Parking Lot

November 16, 2018
When Sarah Pimental was walking out of her local Walmart store, it seemed like any other trip to the store. However, that all changed when she walked...