Man Drives 200 Miles to Save Dog

November 11, 2018
Royce had a terrible stroke of luck. The dog was found as a stray in Miami, Florida and was brought to a large local shelter. He was covered in cuts a...

Blind Dog has Special Bond

November 10, 2018
Saying that a dog named Jimmy and a dog named Stevie are bonded would be a major understatement. The pair just could not function out in the world wit...

Dog Left When Family Moves

November 8, 2018
A yellow Labrador was a common fixture for a person who had a delivery route in the area. He was just another stray dog in need of help, but soon peop...

Dog Facing Euthanasia Saved by a Hug

November 7, 2018
A dog named Pacino had a very rough start to life. The pit bull was found in Camden, New Jersey in an abandoned home. His body was covered in deep, se...

Sick Dog Falls Asleep on Shelter Couch

November 6, 2018
It was just like any other day at the Humane Society International (HSI) India, and the employees were busy. But during the hustle and bustle of the d...

Pregnant Dog Rescued from Shelter

November 3, 2018
The shelter can be a very scary experience for any dog. It’s a cold, confusing and often loud place for a dog who is confused by what brought them the...

Lost “Badger” Not What He Seems

November 2, 2018
Facebook is a great way for people to connect, and often to help lost dogs become reunited with their owners. When a woman named Francesca Coatti was...

Pit Bull Found Chained to Tree

October 31, 2018
It was just another day in New Jersey for a woman named Kerry Haney. She was relaxing at home when she began getting Facebook notifications, calls, an...

Vet Tech Saves Puppy from Euthanasia

October 29, 2018
When Nico, a four week old puppy, arrived at a veterinarian’s office, his owner asked for him to be put down. The owner, a breeder, said the dog could...

Sick Dog Makes Transformation

October 28, 2018
A dog named Koncel had lost almost every piece of hair from her body. The ten year old dog was suffering and her owner did not know how to help her. H...

Dog Dumped for Being Unable to Have Puppies

October 27, 2018
When the county animal shelter opened on July 17 in Wildomar, California, staffers were met by something terrible. The shelter has a drop box availabl...

Sick Dalmatian is Scared of Everything

October 25, 2018
As a puppy, a Dalmatian named Beau was sold online to a family. She lived with them for a short period of time before she became extremely ill. She wa...

Stolen Husky Reunited with Owner

October 24, 2018
Over two years ago, a loyal dog went missing. Somehow, that dog and his owner were finally and miraculously reunited. Kameroun Mares first met her hus...

Fifteen Matted Dogs Abandoned on Same Day

October 23, 2018
The RSPCA received an urgent phone call on a Monday. Someone had discovered four Newfoundlands, two Lhasa Apsos, and two cockapoos in an area called V...

Every Dog Adopted at Event—Except for One

October 22, 2018
A dog named King Zeus was feeling anything but regal at a recent adoption event. It was as though he knew deep down that he wasn’t going to a forever...